Royal Rumours
A little bird has flown into our Recruiters post and left us a secret document straight from the castle! What is this secret rumour about the guilds? Read more to find out...

- From : Aiden Greenleaf

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Quesys Salisa

Quesys Salisa This is certainly exciting!

Nico Potter

Nico Potter Ooo a guild

Katelyn Dunne

Katelyn Dunne My own guild... Will I be able to lead this guild too then?

Odette Aldaine

Odette Aldaine hmmmm

Aiden Greenleaf

Aiden Greenleaf :o who leaked this... um I mean, indeed a wonderful idea! *whistles innocently*

Catania Diarisso

Catania Diarisso Oeh! A competition!!!

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