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Hello and welcome back to (a late) character creationist! This time we’ll talk about what good things that can be interesting in giving your character.

- From : Naexi Krisyarus

Making a character needs to have a part dedicated to what they are good at. Usually in Dungeons and Dragons, when making a character, it will be with a set amount of points that are in each category. Most of the times it will give it a few good ones, 1-2, and varying from 1-4 ok ones, and 1-4 really bad ones. Which place to put the good ones can be a bit difficult though, however the aim of this week’s edition, is to help with this.

Usually I go by what class my character is, but also sometimes I just aim to make it funny, so for example a bard with incredible strength, and bad charisma. However, usually it is helpful to go with the thing that’s best for your class. That is why my cleric has high wisdom and intelligence, however kind of low charisma, it makes for fun interactions too. Especially with the combo of high intelligence btu small charisma. It means he can make smart comebacks but not really in a way that anyone around him thinks it’s a good one.

That’s all for this time, take care!

Geldan Kundan Vardon
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