What A Show!
Hello, everyone, and welcome to a new blog series called “What A Show!” where I, Durwin Sugdondese, talk about a show that I like myself and a show that I have been recommended.

- From : Geldan Vardon

Welcome to the first edition of What A Show! For this first edition, I will still be talking about two shows, and these shows will still be one I like and one that my mum, yes, my mum, recommended. These shows are ‘Quicksand’ and ‘Bones’. Be warned that I will spoil a very general basis of the show without giving too many plot spoilers, so let’s get started!

Quicksand: This Swedish show suddenly popped up on Netflix a while back and looked interesting enough for me to watch, so of course I binged all six episodes in one sitting? The show follows the girl, Maja, who is on trial for a murder and is about to tell the entire story of how it happened. It’s extremely interesting but I do recommend watching it with a sort of viewer discretion as there are some hard-to-look-at scenes in the show. All I can without spoiling too much is this: It started with a boy!

Bones: The second show on the list that my crime-loving mum recommended I should watch after peeking at a few episodes with her. It runs for a total of TWELVE whole seasons with 246 to watch and I do admit that I had some breaks, because that’s a very long show! This is a show that follows the, fancy word, forensic anthropologist Temperance “Bones” Brennan and how she solves crimes. From the title, you can probably see how, with bones. She looks at them with a careful eye with the help of her team and solves countless crimes throughout the entire show with a lot of extra plot involved. It’s funny, it’s emotional, it’s thrilling. It’s a show I’d without a doubt recommend watching!

That’s it for this time! In the future, I will be picking a show myself and YOU GUYS will help me pick another show by recommended it here in the comments and voting for them the following week. For next week’s show, I will be watching “Chernobyl”, which is a show my friends have been nagging me to watch. I will not promise to finish a show each week, but I will promise to watch at least a few episodes a week.
Until next episode!

Durwin Sugdondese
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Cruven Darksbane

Cruven Darksbane Ooo, wonderful!

Orion Belenos

Orion Belenos Cool blog!\

Raenyssa Edores

Raenyssa Edores Awesoooooome :D

Juliet Valois

Juliet Valois These are amaaaazing

Dylan Cadwallon

Dylan Cadwallon This is lovely!

Briseis Barbott

Briseis Barbott Oooh, I love this blog post! So many different shows to talk about. I'm curious about the next week's show, 'Chernobyl'. Can't wait! ^^ ❤️

Emelyne Nightflame

Emelyne Nightflame lovely blog post!! :D

Gideon Tudor

Gideon Tudor Durwin - what a fantastic blog this was! I can't wait to see more of this in the future. Thanks for contributing to the community!

Élodie Courtois

Élodie Courtois Omg, this blog is amazing! Quicksand is the best!! :O

Geldan Vardon

Geldan Vardon Lovely article, keep up the good work!

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