Guess the Song #4
Welcome to WoFD's very own 'Guess the Song!' There are millions of songs, but only one is correct. Can you figure it out?

- From : Hanora Todd

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Hoshi Fletcher

Hoshi Fletcher i can say its not Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. sorry

Torben Sorenson

Torben Sorenson Hmm first song that came to mind was Ailee - I Will Show You, but that's a 2012 song :'D I'm too old for recent songs I swear xD

Gillespie Torchwood

Gillespie Torchwood Oof :o I wouldn't have a clue to be honest xD

Taliyah Dragmoreus

Taliyah Dragmoreus Mmmm ... I'm going to think about this. I love this column!

Eilish Solgrian

Eilish Solgrian Shake it Off by Taylor Swift?

Clemenceau Clark

Clemenceau Clark Is it fancy by Iggy Azalea feat Charli xCx

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