Forgotten and Now Rediscovered 0.01
Welcome to Forgotten and Rediscovered where QUESO SALSA goes over the various classes!

- From : Quesys Salisa

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Exiled Adventurer

Exiled Adventurer Looks Great!

Elorya Hera

Elorya Hera Can’t wait to read about wizards and warlocks! :D

James McMorgan

James McMorgan Oooh a lovely article and very insightful!

Aubryelle Mercado

Aubryelle Mercado This is super fun to read! Thank you for this, Quesys. Can't wait to see the rest <3

Catania Diarisso

Catania Diarisso This is pretty cool! Can't wait to read about the other classes as well! ♡

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