D&D in the Media #004
We all know and love Dungeons and Dragons. So does the outside world! In this blog series we will take a look at various forms of media that include references to D&D. Maybe you’ll find something new to enjoy!

- From : Finley Leaftree

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Ysadove Perte

Ysadove Perte This is really interesting, Abigail! I love Stranger Things and I think it's so neat that so much of the show is centered around the show! I can't wait to see where else D&D shows up!

Irexis Hengrys

Irexis Hengrys I thought that I knew all I could about Stranger Things, but I didn't. Thank you for this amazing article and teach me more about this. Keep it up, and I can't wait for the next one!

Richard Allbright

Richard Allbright I have always liked Stranger Things, and I was pretty sure that DnD played into the story of the show, even if obliquely, but I had forgotten about that more specific 'game' in the story. And I don't know if I would want to play a DnD Stranger Things themed game! Sounds scary! XD

Xenophilius Quetzlcoat

Xenophilius Quetzlcoat Whats this... stranger things huh o.0 can I eat it? But a brilliant blog, it was very informative, I've always seen that Stranger Things has DnD but didn't realise how much it added to the plot, thank you for this!

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