Hello everyone! Welcome to Questionnaires, this is a new blog for you all, yet again! Before we get started on this edition, I’d like to say that it’s gonna be slightly short this time, this is due to half of it being dependant on you guys!

- From : Geldan Vardon

We have one question for this edition, usually there will be more, but this is just a startup. Let’s drop right into it shall we?

The question this time is “What is the best way to navigate through the world?”

Well, this is actually a very good question, which varies from where you’re going from and to. If you’re travelling from one town to another, I would suggest a horse, maybe with a carriage, those tend to be faster than just walking. But if you’re trying to navigate through woods, mountains, or otherwise kind of hard terrain, then you should actually just go for good old fashioned walking. That’s at least what I would do, but it also depends on what you can do, or what else you own. For example if you own a pet, or something else that makes it possible to fly, I’d suggest using that instead of navigating through woods, it can be sort of a hassle.

I do hope I answered the question correctly, and if you wonder anything, just send me a contact stone with your question, and it might just, pop up in the next edition!

Written by
Geldan Kundan Vardon
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Cruven Darksbane

Cruven Darksbane This is so helpful!

Juliet Valois

Juliet Valois This is so cool!

Élodie Courtois

Élodie Courtois Amaaazing!!! And very informative! <3

Emelyne Nightflame

Emelyne Nightflame amazingggg article! :D

Gideon Tudor

Gideon Tudor This was a superb article! Very helpful indeed.

Raenyssa Edores

Raenyssa Edores Omg I love this!! Ehmm... I navigate with a normal map and a map of the stars. I usually ask around as well :D

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