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Hello, and welcome! This is a brand new, and the first, blog here on World of Forgotten Dungeons. It’s gonna be a series where I give you some tips about how to create a character! Without any further ado, let’s drop into this edition, about character flaws.

- From : Geldan Vardon

Quite normal, is the thought of making your character have some strong sides, and that is a good thing, but can’t flaws also make for fun roleplaying opportunities? I think that it can add a quite interesting approach on how to use your character when roleplaying. It means you can play on things that they might be afraid of, or not like, and therefore trying to avoid it. As an example, Geldan is afraid of sheep, and this way, if I use this in a topic, it would mean that I could have him run away from sheep if they appear, or maybe get nervous instead.

It’s something I consider to be a fun addition to your character, maybe you can also have a flaw that is something quite unusual. For example, if they are afraid of swimming in a water body that has more than 29 fish in it, then you can play a bit on that too. This is kind of a strange and kind of an overly unrealistic flaw to have, but, maybe your character would have it? Well, probably enough examples for now, and more onto how you can use your flaws in a way that isn’t too much.

So when I use my flaws, instead of using it every time I roleplay, I use it maybe a few times instead. This way I don’t have to have Geldan be afraid every time I am using him as a character, and when I do use it, it isn’t overused. A lot of people might overuse their flaws or strengths, this makes for a lot of repetition, of course I’m not saying you shouldn’t use it, but find that perfect dosage of usage for you and your roleplaying partners. This might be more than it is for some people, or it can be little, depending on who you are, and who you are roleplaying with.

That will be all for today, take care, and I hope you found this interesting! With all the love, from Geldan Kundan Vardon!
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Raenyssa Edores

Raenyssa Edores Looooove it!! :D

Geldan Vardon

Geldan Vardon Thank you all :D There will be more ;)

Bjørn Mikkelson

Bjørn Mikkelson Great blog post :)

Kayla Browne

Kayla Browne I like!!!!!

Gideon Tudor

Gideon Tudor Very well done, Gordon! I approve.

Mortred Nyxwraeck

Mortred Nyxwraeck love yaa Garden!!!! Amusingly Amazing Article!!

Valor Lynx

Valor Lynx Lovely!

Dylan Cadwallon

Dylan Cadwallon Amazing!

Song Suk

Song Suk Lovely first blog :D

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Durwin Sugdondese Fantastic blog :3

Cruven Darksbane

Cruven Darksbane Wooo!

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Rosaleen Vargas Lovely first blog!!! :D

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