Character Creationists
Hello, and welcome! This is a brand new, and the first, blog here on World of Forgotten Dungeons. It’s gonna be a series where I give you some tips about how to create a character! Without any further ado, let’s drop into this edition, about character flaws.

- From : Geldan Vardon

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Raenyssa Edores

Raenyssa Edores Looooove it!! :D

Geldan Vardon

Geldan Vardon Thank you all :D There will be more ;)

Bjørn Mikkelson

Bjørn Mikkelson Great blog post :)

Kayla Browne

Kayla Browne I like!!!!!

Gideon Tudor

Gideon Tudor Very well done, Gordon! I approve.

Mortred Nyxwraeck

Mortred Nyxwraeck love yaa Garden!!!! Amusingly Amazing Article!!

Valor Lynx

Valor Lynx Lovely!

Dylan Cadwallon

Dylan Cadwallon Amazing!

Song Suk

Song Suk Lovely first blog :D

Durwin Sugdondese

Durwin Sugdondese Fantastic blog :3

Cruven Darksbane

Cruven Darksbane Wooo!

Rosaleen Vargas

Rosaleen Vargas Lovely first blog!!! :D

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