Dungeon Secrets
Greetings my Lords and Ladies! I hope you all are doing well. As you all might know are there many secrets in this realm. And I, Emelyne Nightflame, wanted to find all the answers so that's why I'm here. This column, the Dungeon Secrets, is all about secrets! Do you want to know more about our High Ruler or Preceptor? Or maybe another person in this realm? Your secret crush? Your enemies? It doesn't matter!

- From : Jarick Rowan

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Catania Diarisso

Catania Diarisso Oh!!! Love the gossip!

Eliphaz Darkworth

Eliphaz Darkworth Woah Soooo interesting :O Awesome work :D

Aiden Greenleaf

Aiden Greenleaf Oh my a dagger as favourite weapon :o how interesting! I love this

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